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Happy Valentine’s Day! Care for a Glass of Wine or Champagne?

Posted February 14th, 2011 by Ashley Sebok

Today is Valentine’s Day

It’s a good opportunity to raise a little red flag for salon and spa owners, independents, school owners, and barbers.

Personally, it’s a holiday I have mixed feelings about.  Is it Cupid’s holiday … a day for love, and romance?  Or, is it Hallmark’s holiday …  a day marked by the purchase of cards, candy, flowers, and champagne?  Either way, it’s a day that helps boost our local businesses from the last minute floral purchases, to shopping for just the right card at our local drug store, to making an appointment to have our hair blown dry and styled for our 7pm dinner reservation.

Speaking of dining out wouldn’t a glass of wine or champagne at the salon sound great while we decompress in the chair after a long day at work while someone else is taking care of me?  Sounds fabulous.  Well if you are like me, when you’re asked by your stylist, “Would you like a glass of wine or champagne” you say, “Of course,  I’d love a glass of champagne.

Tough Question

The question isn’t as benign as it sounds since it is wine or champagne we are talking about.  When a client answers ‘yes’ to any alcoholic beverage,   they are putting your business at risk.  What happens if your client has one or two glasses of champagne, wine, or a cocktail at your salon, then gets behind the wheel of their car and has an accident, or hits someone?

Enter Your Liability

If your salon serves alcohol you need to understand your responsibility and legal liability exposures.  Most commercial general liability policies for salons cover Host Liquor Liability up to $1,000,000 which provides coverage against bodily injury and property damages from lawsuits by third parties injured by an intoxicated person who was served alcohol (free of charge) by a business.  As long as your business does not manufacture, distribute, sell, or serve alcohol for a fee then most general liability policies will automatically cover you for host liquor liability.

You probably think that your client would be the one to be sued, not your business since they consumed the alcohol, got behind the wheel, and caused the accident.  Wrong!

Many states have passed laws called Dram Shop Liability.  These laws make it possible to sue the business (your salon) that served the alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person.  These dram shop laws also allow the victims of the drunk driver to sue the business that served the alcohol.  These claims can easily reach upwards and over $1,000,000, especially if there is a death involved.  Some states even allow criminal charges to apply.

4 Things You Can Do to Help Protect Yourself and Your Salon

It only takes ‘one’ of these kinds of law suits to financially cripple, or destroy your business and everything you worked so hard to build.  Here are 4 things you can do to protect yourself and your salon.

  1. Review with your insurance agent and ask them if your general liability policy covers your business for Host Liquor Liability?  It should and there is no additional charge for this coverage.  It is built into most commercial general liability policies. Your agent can refer you to the section of the policy that explains this coverage and that way you have it in writing that you have coverage. Ask how much more the premium would be for a higher coverage.
  2. If you are serving alcohol, find a polite way to ask who the designated driver(s) will be.
  3. Limit the alcohol served to your clients. Be aware of your state’s blood alcohol limits and do your own silent consumption timing.
  4. Offer to arrange transportation if a client has been over-served or seems intoxicated.

You want to make sure you have done everything in your power to ensure your client gets home safely and doesn’t injure anyone else along the way.

Have you done everything you can to protect your business and your clients?

Four simple things will provide you that margin of protection should the worst happen.  Meanwhile, have a great Valentine’s Day … and do enjoy that glass of champagne!

Ashley Sebok

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A Wonderful ISSE Experience for Insure Beauty

Posted February 1st, 2011 by Alex

It Was Great Meeting You!

Our team had an exhausting, but wonderful time meeting up with so many of you during the show.  Thanks for dropping by our booth and for signing up to win one of the free Sailing Cruises on Monterey Bay and grabbing your free photo during the show. Each cruise prize is worth $600.

More Than We Expected.

What we found especially gratifying were the number of independent stylists asking why you needed your own business insurance policy.  As you learned, the insurance coverage your salon landlord carries isn’t quite as complete as you thought it was under a number of circumstances and can leave you more than a little vulnerable.  Thanks for all your questions.

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The Lone Ranger at the ISSE in Long Beach?

Posted January 27th, 2011 by Admin

Who Was That Masked Man?

Someone always asked that at the end of each episode of the Lone Ranger radio and TV programs.  After doing their good work, the Lone Ranger and Tonto always quietly disappeared into the sunset not seeking recognition from the very people they had saved.  Insure Beauty has been a little like that.

We’ve never made much of a fuss about ourselves.  Some of our clients thought we were being silly and needed to get more with the times and show up at a few more parties.  So this year we’re taking their advice and have decided to exhibit at a few 2011 beauty industry shows.

Our first is the International Salon & Spa Expo at Long Beach, Booth # 3109 in the Arena.

Frankly, we’re pretty darned excited and hope you’ll drop by for a visit.  Don’t forget to ….

‘Sign-In to Win’ Luxury Cruising on Monterey Bay

We thought we’d try to catch your eye with the opportunity to win one of five free cruises for you and up to 5 of your guests aboard the beautiful  47’ “Bella on the Bay” luxury racing yacht. (Retail value $600.)

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