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Covering Your Assets:

Posted November 1st, 2013 by Jeff Pulford

How to Insure Your Business

Have you received your November issue of Stylist?  Our president Jeff Pulford is featured in an article by The Beauty Professional, Fred Jones appearing in the California, Texas, & Florida Stylist.  The article includes some very interesting and important questions and answers for salon & spa owners as well as independent contractors.

Here is one of the questions asked by Fred:

‘When I think of assets, I think of buildings, personal property and other items, including cash.  Is that accurate?”

Jeff’s answer is, “Most people think assets are simply the tangible things of their business like cash, buildings, personal property, leased property, business personal property (chairs, sinks, hairdryers, etc.), security systems, cell phones, etc.  A salon business has many other types of critical assets, for example the valuable skills of employees and/or independent contractors, a good salon location with a favorable long-term lease, good credit… and don’t forget about a business’s reputation.  Those are also very important business assets that need to be protected.  When anything happens to any of the above – tangible or intangible – the result could be devastating to a salon.”

For more great questions and insight on covering your assets, read the full article.

Covering Your A$$ets

Do you have a question about covering your salon assets that wasn’t addressed in the article?  Email to submit your questions to InsureBeauty’s President.

InsureBeauty’s ad also appearing on page 16 of the California Stylist.

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